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With the EVE: Valkyrie

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EVE: Valkyrie

In EVE: Valkyrie™, you are in command of a heavily armed fighter in the most realistic dogfighting game available on any platform. Immersive VR technology puts you right in the cockpit for visceral team-based action.

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  • Intense team-based multiplayer dogfights
  • Fully immersive 360-degree action combat
  • Rank and reputation-based character progression
  • Change strategies on the fly with loadouts and ship-swapping
  • Unlock and customize advanced ships, weapons and equipment
  • Choose between different ship classes, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and role to play on the battlefield

Game Features

VR Technology - now!

EVE: Valkyrie has been built from the ground up to harness the very latest advances in virtual reality technology, immersing you in the action like no other game before. It will be available on a wide variety of VR hardware, including Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus.

Progression and customization

Advance your character in both rank and reputation, unlocking advanced ships, equipment and new weaponry.

Intense action combat

Take part in epic team-based dogfights, where split-second decisions can make the difference between success and failure.

Immersive 360-degree experience

Perform strategic strikes and tactical advances with a near limitless field of view and acrobatic maneuvering.

Cutting-edge audiovisuals

EVE Online's exotic distant nebulae, beautifully rendered artwork, and rich soundtrack surround you as you plunge into the fast and furious realm of EVE: Valkyrie.

From Passion Project to Award Winner

  • Conception (2012)

    Excited by the possibilities presented, CCP Games backs the Kickstarter campaign for indie hardware developer Oculus VR. Using early dev kits, the team begins development of “EVE-VR”, a space-based dogfighting tech demo. The potential for truly immersive gameplay in the virtual reality arena is quickly realized.

  • Reaction (2013)

    “EVE-VR” makes its first public appearance at EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland. The response is overwhelming. CCP Games brings “EVE-VR” to E3 in June 2013, garnering awards and accolades from the likes of IGN, PCGamer and countless gaming enthusiasts. In August, CCP announces at Gamescom that it will begin working on the full-fledged game, EVE: Valkyrie.

  • Evolution (2014)

    At GDC in March, CCP announces that development has expanded to include support for Sony’s “Project Morpheus” virtual reality system, bringing EVE: Valkyrie’s immersive action-packed gameplay to consoles.

  • Progression (2015)

    At Fanfest 2015, CCP reveals the new Heavy ship class, a new game mode, an updated and improved flight model, and the Necropolis map – a huge, sprawling ships’ graveyard left behind after a deadly clash between the Amarr Empire and the Gallente Federation.

The Voice of Valkyrie

Rán Kavik, stalwart leader of the Valkyrie pilots, has been brought to life by the voice of critically acclaimed actress Katee Sackhoff, who has been featured in some of the biggest entertainment franchises of all time, including Battlestar Galactica, Riddick, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Katee is currently starring in Longmire.