Video Tutorial – Get Match Fit, Rookies!

by CCP Games
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Are you new to New Eden? Then our latest video tutorial is exactly what you need. Here’s where we show you how to get yourself trained up and match fit to take on other pilots in the Multiplayer and Wormholes modes.

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We kick off with Training Mode, which is the perfect place to learn the basics or even refresh your skills if you’ve been out of the cockpit for a while. There have been some recent changes to training, so you can find out about those in CCP Starbug’s recent article

After polishing up on the basics, we then move onto Scout Mode where players can get to know the maps and collect some salvage.

Then it’s time to get serious as we show you how to familiarize yourself with your ship and its weapons in the safety of the Test Arena, taking on some ferocious opponents in Survival.

It’s well worth taking the time to follow the advice here rather than simply diving straight into a multiplayer match, as that will lead to swift and repeated death and can be pretty soul destroying. Plus, it’ll deplete your clone reserves and your fellow players won’t be too happy.

So, enjoy the vid and we’ll see you in space.