Video Tutorial: Get to Know the Solitude Map

by CCP Games
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Since appearing as part of the recent major free Valkyrie update  Groundrush, the all-new planet-based Solitude map has proven extremely popular with our pilots.

If you’ve only just joined the ranks of the Valkyrie and have yet to try out this exhilarating yet extremely hazardous environment, we’re here to help you hit the ground (hopefully not literally) running.

Over the course of the video tutorial (below), you will learn how to handle all aspects of the map. There are trenches on the planet’s surface, perfect for escaping missile locks. The Schism-run, former Minmatar base itself offers plenty of cover and complex structures. In addition, the subterranean tunnels provide a uniquely claustrophobic arena where only the most skilled pilots will prevail.

Solitude is a map that offers something for pilots of every stripe, so study the video, then get yourself planetside to enjoy everything it has to offer.

You might also be well advised to check out our recent play guides that offer tips on mastering the Solitude map when piloting fighter, heavy and support ships.

Fly safe, and try not to crash and burn… by which we mean try not to crash and freeze. It’s a bit chilly out there.