Video Tutorial: Starting Out With Support Ships

by CCP Games

Say hello to our latest video tutorial. Following hot on the heels of our previous vids covering the fighters and the heavies, this time we take you through the basics of piloting the unique and deceptively influential support ships.

Supports aren’t the toughest kids on the block, nor are they particularly good in an old-fashioned mano a mano scrap. But boy, they are quick and when other players are in trouble, their specialist hardware load-out can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The supports’ maxed-out speed stats mean they are the fastest ships out there (unless you include the heavies’ use of their microwarpdrives). But it’s the Buff Beams that most of the support ships come equipped with that mark them out as unique. These versatile devices can be used to heal themselves and other ships in their squad, but also can be used offensively to drain energy from the enemy craft.

Watch the tutorial and you’ll find out a little more about these intriguing craft and the invaluable contribution they make to the Valkyrie experience.

Fly safe!