Video Tutorial: Tackling Carrier Assault on Gateway

by CCP Games
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Welcome to our latest video tutorial. Having previously brought you visual guides to each of the ship classes – fighter, heavy and support – we now turn our attention to specific play modes and we’re kicking things off with Carrier Assault and specifically the Gateway map.

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It’s a match made in heaven: EVE: Valkyrie’s most demanding and satisfying play mode coupled with the game’s latest and greatest map.

Think about it. Carrier Assault mode is the ultimate challenge in EVE: Valkyrie. Taking elements from both Control and Team Deathmatch modes it thrusts the players into a mission of three parts. The first sees your team attempting to take down the carrier’s defence systems by securing two of three control points. Next you have to attack several cooling nodes in order to expose the carrier’s core. Then comes the final attack on the core to destroy the carrier once and for all. And you have to do all of this while defending your own carrier, fighting off the opposing team and avoiding the carrier’s defensive systems. Add in the complexity of the Gateway map’s central warp gate structure and you have a task only the most resilient pilots can hope to tackle.

For those of you who are relatively new to the game we’ve put together this handy video tutorial to introduce you to the basic tactics you’ll need to employ when taking on Carrier Assault in the icy environs of the Gateway map.

Good luck out there, pilots.