Video Tutorial: Take Cover!

by CCP Games
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Ah, how well we remember the rush of our first launch. Not only that, we also vividly recall our naïve eagerness to dive straight into battle, all guns blazing, in an attempt to take down the entire enemy fleet on the first try and announce our arrival in New Eden in loud and spectacular fashion.

Only it doesn’t quite happen like that, does it? Fun though it is to front it out and tackle the opposition head-on, it’s not a tactic that is going to help your development as a pilot in the long term.

Success in EVE: Valkyrie is as much about holding back from the enemy as homing in on them. With that in mind, we’ve put together a little video tutorial for all our rookies out there, highlighting the best places to take cover and outfox the enemy in each of the game’s maps.

For example, the support struts beneath the main structure on the Cathedral map provide the perfect opportunity to evade enemy pursuers and break missile lock.

Of the asteroids that populate the Crossroads map, one has a cave system where you can lie in wait for an unsuspecting foe.

And on the all-new Solitude map, there’s a hangar bay where you can ‘hang out’ and take pot shots at people straying into your path.

So, get smart, take a look at the vid, then scout out the locations mentioned for yourself. Knowing the maps’ every nook and cranny will give you a definite advantage in battle.   

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Fly safe!