be first into battle
with the eve: valkyrie
Founder's Pack

NOTE: Requires consumer version of the Oculus Rift

Gold Packs

These War Chests provide you with stockpiles of Gold. Convert Gold to Silver (in-game currency) to customize your experience with ship decals, paint jobs and cockpit interiors. Silver can also be spent on a range of implants that provide a short-term boost to the XP you earn from every battle.

Journeyman’s Bag
$ 4.99
Privateer’s Stash
$ 9.99
Marauder’s Crate
$ 23.99
Warrior’s Cache
$ 36.99
Mercenary’s Chest
$ 50.99
Warlord’s Vault
$ 99.99

Founder's Access to the Game

Gain founder's access to EVE: Valkyrie and start building your reputation among the pirate factions.

Exclusive Squadron 33 Wraith Fighter

Join Rán's founding Valkyrie squadron and receive an exclusive ship, only available in the Founder’s Pack. Pilot the legendary Wraith fighter as flown by Rán Kavik herself, complete with her own custom artwork and tuned to give you the edge in combat.

Wraith Fighter

War Chest of 2,500 Gold

Spend your stockpile of gold on unique paint jobs, XP boosters and other optional ship customizations.


Limited edition ‘Founder's Pilot’ forum tag

Our forums have a modern engine to suit the needs of our growing community. Head over there and show off your Founder's pack avatar.

Forum Avatar
Founder's Access to the Game
Exclusive Squadron 33 Wraith Fighter Ship
Gold and exclusive Founder’s avatar
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