join the Valkyrie
with the eve: valkyrie
Founder's Pack

NOTE: Requires consumer version of the HTC Vive

Gold Packs

These War Chests provide you with stockpiles of Gold. Convert Gold to Silver (in-game currency) to customize your experience with ship decals, paint jobs and cockpit interiors. Silver can also be spent on a range of implants that provide a short-term boost to the XP you earn from every battle.

Journeyman’s Bag
$ 4.99
Privateer’s Stash
$ 9.99
Marauder’s Crate
$ 23.99
Warrior’s Cache
$ 36.99
Mercenary’s Chest
$ 50.99
Warlord’s Vault
$ 99.99

Legendary ‘MkV Wraith’ Fighter

Join Rán's founding Valkyrie squadron and receive the ‘MkV Wraith’ legendary fighter, a fully upgraded premium ship.

‘Vanquish’ Flight Suit

Gear up for battle in the striking ‘Vanquish’ Flight Suit, reverse-engineered from salvaged prototype tech.

Limited Edition ‘Vive Founder's Pilot’ Forum Tag

Join our growing community and show off your
Vive Founder's status.

2,500 Gold

Spend your in-game currency on unique paint jobs, XP boosters and other optional ship customizations.

Legendary ‘MkV Wraith’ Fighter
Exclusive ‘Vanquish’ Flight Suit
2,500 gold & Forum Tag
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